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Director: Umberto Lenzi
Cast: John Morghen, Lorraine DeSelle, Bryan Redford
Special FX: Gianetto deRossi

This is the story about three students who travel from New York to the Amazon. Gloria, along with her brother Rudy and their slut friend, Pat, are searching for natives to disprove the myth of cannibalism. If you are the least bit squeamish, it would be best to adhere to the warning in the beginning of the movie. There are many graphic scenes of torture, both on humans and animals as well. To me, the animal scenes donít appear to be special effects. That is probably one of the reasons for the film being banned in 31 countries, that is unless it was just some promotional gimmick. In one scene, a muskrat tied to a pole becomes a snack for an anaconda. Once in the jungle the students befriend Mike (John Morghen), a drug dealer who is responsible for inciting the natives to cannibalism after he tortures and kills one of them. In the end, he gets some of his own medicine. First he is castrated, then his hand gets chopped off. Finally, the top of his head is cut off, providing a feast for the hungry cannibals.

Other memorable scenes include a disemboweling followed by senseless gut-munching, an eye gouge via knife, impaled breasts, as well as more animal cruelty. Also has some old cannibal dude munching on worms like there is no tomorrow!!!

Blood and Guts:A+
Doug Brotherton