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VIOLENT SHIT (1989) 72Min.
Director: Andreas Schnaas
Cast: K. The Butcher Shitter, Gabi Bazner, and Wolfgang Hinz
Special FX: Andreas Schnaas

This German made movie probably had a budget no larger than one-hundred dollars, ninety-five dollars of which was spent on water and red food coloring. The dialogue is in German, but you wont care, for the actors' tremendous ability as well as the gore will keep you amused. The plot is incredibly complicated: a boy kills his mom and then twenty years later starts butchering everyone in sight after getting yelled at by a peer.

This movie should apply to all who seek bloodshed and donít care about plot. That Schnass guy really knows how to deliver, but he butchered the movie in some parts by fucking around with weird computerized processing shit. Penisí are mutilated, vaginaís ripped apart, bodies sawed in half, these are just some of the gory highlights which can be seen in this little gem. Not to mention the end scene in which the killer mutilates himself and pulls a baby out of his stomach. Crazy Shit!!!

If you are looking for the latest in technically sound movies, then you should give this one a miss, but if you are like me and are looking for cheap thrills and donít give a shit, then go ahead and give it a try. Be sure to watch the vagina ripping scene closely, because I think that those are wiener-schnitzels that he is pulling out of here stomach!?!?

Blood and Guts: A+

Doug Brotherton