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Director: Peter B. Harsone
1985 French Approx. 78min.
With: Veronik Catanzaro, Kathryn Charly, Sylvie Novak, and Anthea Wyler

Wow! Now THIS is one weird ass flick! It begins with the mysterious deaths of three young women in a small town. These deaths are the cause of much unease amongst the locals. When the deaths are linked to an area chemical plant where they were all employed, things really start to get complicated.

Blackmail, greed, and betrayal are only the beginning of these peoples problems. For you see, the chemical company in question has been continuously dumping their toxic waste into graves in the local cemetery. Needless to say, this has the expected results on our three recently deceased plant workers. Back from the dead, this trio of pissed-off, ugly, rotting, shriveled, ex-femmes is hell-bent on vengeance.

Hold on 'cause this is where it starts to get strange. These particularly coordinated unhappy undead can play the organ(!), swim(!!), hijack and drive off in a Rolls Royce(!!!), and take confession in church(????). There is eventually an explanation for all of this, but in the meantime...

Along the way, much carnage ensues. A woman has one of her eyes gouged out with a high heel shoe. A man has his John Thomas bitten clean off *ouch!*, and there's this pregnant lady who, well, I won't get into the many sordid details now, but this is a scene that is not directed towards the "expecting mothers" crowd to be sure. Gorehounds take note. Oh yeah! There's also the unlucky prostitute (Who was part of some of that blackmail I mentioned earlier) who has a sword crammed up her... er... shoved into her um... well, you get the idea. That sword incident takes place only after the horny zombie women have had their way with the poor lady of the evening. Yes. You read that right. This to my knowledge is the world's first and only zombie-lesbian-four-way-sex scene! VIVE LA FRANCE!

Best of all, would you believe the whole thing is backed by a pro-ecological message? The plot definitely takes it's share of sudden turns, so it's pretty easy to stay caught up in the story. The acting is good and even the dubbing seems to have been done with a certain amount of pride in your work type commitment. The special effects are a mixed bag, ranging from average to believably disgusting. The visual atmosphere is okay, with dark, shadowy streets, foggy cemeteries and the like, but the back and forth sound track is certainly no great shakes (of fear that is).

It might all seem like a lot of work just to get to a Scooby-Doo type ending that may get some purist collectors undies in a knot, but at least the climax does come out of nowhere and catch you off guard. I will give credit for that. I do suspect though, that they just didn't know what to do next.

Overall, I can recommend this French-fried gorefest because, as out there as this film tends to get, I believe you'll think it was worth the trip. I did.