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Cutting Moments
by John Casper P. is your friend

A series of short films compilied in what would have to be a stylish nobudget philosphical mind fuck.

Released through EI disturbution, these guys would put out just about anything. They finally found something to be proud of

CUTTING MOMENTS doesnt happen until the end of the serials and its well worth the wait.

We open with CRACK DOG, a hilarious romp with a pizza guy and a dog hooked on crack. That's about as far as I can go without spoiling it.

DONT NAG ME is a silly OUTER LIMITS style short staring a man that bags his old lady and hence the title, very creative storyline here.

BOWL OF OATMEAL engulfs its auidence with shady gray overtones and, well, a bowl of oatmeal that orders his owner to buy him milk. In return the owner brings home stolen raw meat to a very predictable ending.

PRINCIPLES OF KARMA probably taken right out of an existenialism college course centers around two outcasts. Day by Day time passes as the real life beavis and butthead finally meet in reel time. Yes, reel time.

CUTTING MOMENTS...I have to assume the clever short films before this was only a reason to get this flick released. It's a very slow moving tale about a dysfunctional family. The father molests his son while the wife lays in bed asking herself "why?" as she listens to the growls of her son in the other room. The film takes a turn and really latches on in a blood soaked ending that dares you to even give thought to the matter of "red" lips and then some. What makes CUTTING MOMENTS so clever is the ending, instead of boring us with a tired cliche' it takes a differant twist and I promise you, it'll surprise ya'.



SHOCK: ****