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Bad Moon Eric Red 1996 USA

An okay recent horror film from the director of the film Body Parts which I thought was a decent gore thriller. Red has to be given credit for trying to stronghold horror films in the nineties because you don't see a lot of good ones being released lately ya know. Michael Pare a young fellow who while on a trip in the jungle gets mauled by a werewolf. His sister and lawyer Margret Hemmingway invites Pare to stay with them not knowing he is a werewolf.

The only one that suspects Pare is Hemmingways's sons dog Hercules. Pare shape shifts and takes some victims like a forest worker and a con-man who can't take no for an answer. Hercules basically saves the day. The werewolf transformations are nothing spectacular as they are obviously computerized morphing techniques. There's a bit of gore but not much. This won't be the nineties saviour for horror films but it is watchable.

Rating: 3 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor