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The Beyond AKA Seven Doors Of Death, L'Alda Lucio Fulci 1983 Italy

This film is Lucio Fulci's greatest accomplishment and probably one of the goriest and stylish films of its kind. I was kinda disappointed with it though as I was expecting more, probably too much. Gianetto De Rossi's gore is untouchable and probably his best work to date. The violence is gratuitous as hell! the spider attack and the acid pouring on the face scenes especially. Tons of gory carnage. Story begins with a warlock being brutally killed and his death causing all of the ghoulishness in the film.

A woman(Katherine MacColl) inherits the house where the warlock was killed and soon some strange stuff happens and numerous people are murdered. David Warbeck plays a doctor who gets involved in with what is going on. An ancient book titled Eibon also has a hand in the events. The old house is mysteriously and mystically attached to a hospital where lots of angry corpses come to life. The ending where the house serves as a gateway to hell is the real letdown of the whole film. If the ending wasn't so poor I would have given this five for sure but hey its not far off! The ending just doesn't tie up all the loose ends.

Rating: 41/2 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor