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The Boogeyman (Anchor Bay remastered and widescreen with trailer version)
Directed by Ulli Lommel
1980, USA

"The most terrifying nightmare of childhood is about to return."

Anchor Bay has taken this great little early eighties horror gem under its wing and given it the full treatment. No longer do you have to sit through the horrible Wizard Video version. Boogeyman has quite a nice little back drop about a young girl named Lacey (Susanna Love) and her brother Willy (Nick Love) who are terrorized by their mothers boyfriend. Willy kills the boyfriend who is referred to as The Boogeyman. Years later Lacey is grown up and lives with her family including her brother who hasn't spoken a word since "that night" on a farm. Her husband (Ron James) tells Lacey to see a shrink (John Carradine) and Carradine recommends going back to the house where it all happened to put Lacey's reoccurring nightmares to rest.

After some reluctance Lacey agrees to go back to the house but something goes terribly wrong when the same mirror which Lacey witnessed her mothers boyfriend being killed in is still there. Worse yet Lacey breaks the mirror out of fear after visioning her mothers dead boyfriend in it and the breaking of the mirror causes the release of the evil in the shards of the mirror which in turn cause gruesome deaths. The Boogeyman is creepy with a memorable music score and scary atmosphere plus the idea is quite original and awfully complicated to explain. The effects are a bit rough around the edges but pretty good nonetheless. It's good to see the movie re-released because it was the last movie I'd ever expect Anchor Bay to re-release, much the same with Thou Shalt Not Kill......Except, now maybe more people will get the chance to see it in all its glory. I've been dually warned to stay clear of the sequel.

-Richard Taylor