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Braindead AKA Dead Alive Peter Jackson 1992 New Zealand

All hail the goriest film of all time, so far anyway. Jackson's masterpiece creation which proceeded his also classic to the brim Bad Taste. Jackson's power to meld the strangest and grossest of humors in this is probably the best example of his immense talent. It's not for all tastes though as some will dislike the humor and style of the film. The story has mother's boy Lionel stumbling about himself trying to please the slave driving retch until one day he meets a girl which thinks she is destined to be with him. Lionel's mother isn't too pleased and she goes to eavesdropping on them at the zoo.

A recently imported creature at the zoo, a Sumatran rat monkey chomps on her leg but not before she stomps it to pulp. Now that she is bitten she spreads her disease throughout life and death. Lionel has to now keep pumping her nose with hypo needles filled with tranquilizers. What follows is Lionel's mother infecting loads of people and turning them into zombies. Too many great moments like Lionel gluing pieces of his mother's face back on, the infamous custard dining scene, an ugly drooling nazi animal vet, Lionel's pain in the arse uncle, a kung fu priest, a gang of thugs and even an evil zombie baby which is the result of the priest and nurse McTavish copulating.

The end party of non-stop gore is amazing, outrageous, and utterly awe inspiring to gore fans everywhere. If you want the whole nine yards in gore this film gives you it plus nine more. Who can forget the lawnmower zombie shredding sequence where Lionel finds himself up to his knees in blood. Damn near perfect film, my fave horror pic of all time. The horror picture of the nineties and probably beyond.

Rating: 5 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor