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Cannibal Holocaust AKA Holocausto Cannibale Ruggero Deodato 1979 Italy

The best cannibal film ever made! The father of the genre Ruggero Deodato delivers an improved tale of his predecessor to this, Cannibal AKA Jungle Holocaust, The Last Survivor, which was also a good film. This one just pulls all the right punches. There are some nasty scenes of animal killing along with other graphic violence but the film makes an excellent statement. It shows that the cannibals kill humans for food which makes them savages but it also shows the so called civilized humans acting worse, Kermen says at the end "I wonder who the real cannibals are".

Film has two parts. First we see Robert Kermen going into the jungle to find out what happened to a group of explorers who went there to shoot a documentary. The second part has Kermen back in the city viewing the footage the deceased explorers had taken which is quite gruesome. Animal Killing, torture, Rape and lots more until the Cannibals strike back and kill them all. There's a very realistic castration scene, bodies being torn to pieces and the raping of a girl.

The first part also has some very nasty tribal violence like punishment for adultery and a tribal abortion. The fetus is buried in the mud. Some very nasty scenes which are furthermore made effective by the psuedo-documentary style. Great Film, Deodato's best accomplishment. What's he at now anyway? Endlessly ripped off by Umberto Lenzi in Make Them Die Slowly and Eaten Alive By Cannibals, Man From Deep River and by Joe D' Amato in Trap Them And Kill Them. This is the original and best. gotta dig that music too! Really atmospheric and the cast is surprisingly good.

Rating: 5 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor