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Carnival Of Souls
Herk Harvey 1962 USA

A classic B&W cult favorite re-released in 1989 about a young woman whose life is changed by a car accident. The woman and her friends while partaking in a race drive off a bridge. One lone woman emerges from the accident but the car is not recovered nor are the other bodies. The woman who is a church organ player starts having bizarre experiences where she sees walking corpses with pasty white faces. Even stranger is that she is having experiences where she cannot communicate with anyone around her, its almost like she is invisible. The woman, a cold distant type individual meets up with a man in the apartment she is inhabiting who is a real sleaze. Other characters are the old lady landlord, a psychiatrist and priest who all suspect something strange is going on. The young lady is constantly amerced in a deserted carnival where everything concludes, a "Carnival Of Souls". The film is no doubt dated and will not make you jump although a couple of scenes are really affective. What I really liked about the film was the whole concept of it which is revealed at the very end, great ending to this one. There are some really entertaining B&W horror films out there and this is one of them, it maintained my interest throughout, you really have to watch it and pay attention to what is going on.

Richard J.Taylor