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Cosmic Space Ninja 2: Escape From Chernobourg

Ddirected by Mike Martinez 1999, USA

Starring: David Wood, George N. Thompson, Brandon Baca, Chris Bernt, Brian Klapstein, Greg S. Campbell, Mark Isaacson, Joe Adkins, Charles Keetly, Matt L. Davis, Rick Robbins, Shannon M. Anderson

Mike Martinez is up to his film making tricks once again with his best work to date, Cosmic Space Ninja 2: Escape From Chernobourg. With more experience under his belt Martinez has improved the quality of the film and has taken another step up in professionalism. This camcorder classic kicks some serious kung-fu ass and comes across as more of martial arts/sci-fi hybrid than a horror flick. Some of Mike's buddies study Tae Kwan Do, they manage to do an outstanding job with the choreography while putting in some innovative camera tricks

Cosmic Space Ninja 2 lies strictly in the slapstick vein with the intentionally done poor dubbing (as a homage to all old Asian chop sockey movies), overdone sound effects for fight scenes borrowed from video games (I can hear stuff from the game Final Fight in there) and Italian action movies (Thunder Warrior, After The Fall Of New York and 1990: Bronx Warriors etc.) and the dialogue is incredibly funny in places; for example in one scene: "my chances of killing you are very hot today with a chance of you beating me" or "I will beat you with this hooky thing!". The music score is pure quality with borrowed music from such Italian classics as House By The Cemetery, Thunder Warrior, After The Fall Of New York and Blastfighter while the band Dark North provide essential death/grind intro and outro music(k)

There are a number of memorable scenes including "the horrendous fat guy" Birsk literally loosing his fatness and going into Mcdonalds to gain his weight back, the scene where the cast chow down on a feast of dirt (literally, they eat mud, rocks and dust!) and the Enzo G. Castellari 'Warriors Of The Wasteland' tribute battle where the same cast members are killed over and over again just with different costumes. This time around Mike gives us a little gore including a bench press decapitation, eye gouging and an entrail pull. A number of camera shots are influenced by 'The Evil Dead' with the same sounds of a possessed demon camera man flying through the woods. Some of the best parts in the movie which were cut out and should have been left in involved the Cosmic Space Ninja's conscience played by Shannon M. Anderson from the band Dark North (steal the freak'in space rover!!!!!!!!).

Looking back at Mike's previous efforts such as Spaceworms, End Of A Dynasty, Robin Hood and even the original Cosmic Space Ninja this film proves to be a gigantic step up. All it requires now is some nudity and it could be a masterpiece of exploitative film. Check out Cosmic Space Ninja 2 for a good time, invite some buddies over, have a few drinks, sit back and enjoy. E-mail the director Mike Martinez at and trade for a copy of Cosmic Space Ninja 2: Escape From Chernobourg and experience a great movie which uses some very creative ideas without the big bucks.

-Richard Taylor