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Creepshow USA, 1982
Directed by George A. Romero

This is a classic fun horror picture based on the EC horror comics, which Romero is a fan of. Decent cast (Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Leslie Nielson and Hal Holbrook) all work well within the creepy stories(some better than others) and Tom Savini's make-up has never been better

The first tale titled "Fathers Day" has wealthy descendants of an old man returning to their home for a reunion in the father's memory. The old rotting bastard rises from the grave and twists a neck, crushes a person with a tombstone and and puts a head on a cake (I want my cake you bitch!). A nice opener. The next tale titled "The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verril" stars Stephen King as a moronic hick who discovers a landed meteor and he foolishly picks it up and carries it home. The meteor eventually covers Jordie's place with green growth and it covers over his whole body as well. Jordy, now a mess of green grasslike shit gets a shot-gun and shreds his skull (this scene is not gory by the way).

"The Crate" is probably one of the best as it has a man who is fed up with his wife. One evening while at work he discovers a crate under a set of stairs and gets the caretaker to open it up. The man then uses the thing to devour people he detests including his wife. Finally he throws the crate over a cliff and the monster escapes when the crate smashes and hits the ground. Every jerk-off the man wants dead dies in this(except for the janitor, that poor bastard!). This tale has the true comic book/black humor as every time a person is devoured the screen flashes and turns red and the music blurts out loudly. Tom Savini's gore effects stand out in this one as the monster takes big bites out of people.

One of the lower par stories titled "Something To Tide You Over" does have a cleaver title for that is what happens in this at the end. This one has a man getting revenge on his wife and her lover by burying them neck up in the sand on a beach. The tide eventually comes in and drowns the two. Later on the two zombies of the former dead couple come back to do the exact same to the man that did it to them. Finally we have "They're Creeping Up On You" a great skin crawling story which has a clean freak old man who is a wealthy tycoon residing in his spotless white asylum like dwelling. Further throughout the story cockroaches seem to be appearing more frequently and in larger amounts. The crazy old coot starts going A-wall as he hysterically sprays repellent to ward off the insects.

Soon the old man goes over the edge as the cockroaches are everywhere around him popping up in big droves (kinda makes ya squirm doesn't it?). The man decides to lock himself in a concealed room where he thinks he's safe. The floor of the room starts moving and it flaps back to expose a floor full of cockroaches, naturally the old guy can't get out of the sealed tight room and he has a heart attack. When the pest control people arrive which the old guy called earlier they cannot find one cockroach. They open up the sealed chamber and discover the man on the floor. Before the two can blink the old man on the floor head bursts open and out pours all of the foaming little mites (eck!). Great old-fashioned horror tales like Tales From The Crypt only better. There was a sequal to this and another film like it titled Tales From The Darkside along the same lines as this. A scary good time. Rating

Five Skulls

Richard J.Taylor