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Crippled Masters A.k.a Fighting Life

Directed by Joe Long 1984

Unbelievable revenge/martial arts flick about two cripples who kick some chop socky ass. The offensive and exploitative nature of the film will no doubt turn some viewers off especially those who are politically correct, then again the subject matter may spark more viewers interest. I know I was quite curious hearing about this film and the idea of having two physically handicapped men team up to beat people up. Two things that definitely surprised me are 1. the fact that New Line who are a major studio carry it and 2. the two men who star in the movie (who are actually disabled) would subject themselves to such exploitation.

Despite the interesting subject matter the quality of the film is not high. Sure, it holds your interest for awhile due to the unbelievable subject matter but other than that it's just a bad kung fu movie with corny (and poorly done) dubbed English voices. The kung fu in the movie isn't even very good because the scenes move in a very sloppy and highly noticeable frame by frame method. Besides this the movie doesn't really end, it just stops. By the time the conclusion comes along the novelty of seeing two disabled joes karate kick and chop is long worn off.