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Cut and Run

One of Ruggero Deodato's better late eighties offerings, the Cannibal Holocaust director goes back to Amazonia for a tale of drug smuggling, cults and savage tribe assassins. Claudio Simonetti provides the musical backdrop which reeks of the eighties era and the movie provides an hour and a half of entertainment if you like Italian cinema and are accustomed to it.

Plot has a television reporter and camera man going into the South African jungle to investigate the recent rash of brutal drug related slayings and to find their superior's son who is being held at one of the drug smuggling camps. All the while a bloody drug war is taking place between two drug smuggling groups including one lead by an ex Jim Jones cult member played by Richard Lynch. Lynch commands a tribe of savage native warriors who kill the competition. Deodato gives us some explicit violence such as a man who is ripped in half with a jungle trap, a nasty decapitation, a knife disemboweling and some limb impalings.

Cut and Run has its moments with good gore bits but the conclusion is mediocre, almost like Deodato became bored with the film and said lets just end it. Make sure not to get the domestic North American version because it is cut down to 86 minutes while the uncut version runs for 91 minutes.