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Cutting Moments
Douglas Buck 1998 USA

A short film which has a number of other short films before it probably tacked on to lengthen it or to get the actual Cutting Moments short released. Most of the shorts aren't very good but they will no doubt provide you with a chuckle especially Crack Dog. After a number of other short films are shown the actual Cutting Moments short kicks in. Its a depressing and very slow moving tale of a family in severe crisis. The father molests his young son Joey and the mother wallows in her own despair all day long without any real communication with her husband. The film is effective and not something to watch to help you get into a better frame of mind. The mother eventually snaps after looking at old wedding photos and trying to get a reaction out of her husband by dressing herself up. There is a gruesome scene where she rubs her lips raw and bleeding with steel wool and then proceeds to cut her lips off with a pair of scissors. Her and her husband then engage in some sadistic acts as he cuts her breasts off with hedge clippers and then castrates himself (the castration is not shown). The conclusion is both spellbinding, ultra disturbing and perverse. Some seriously mind moving work which will make you think. The only film where you can see Power Ranger toys engaging in sodomy as Joey plays outside and reenacts what his father does to him. The make-up work was done by Tom Savini. This last short which is 29 min is worth the whole film.

Richard J.Taylor