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Deadbeat At Dawn

Before seeing this film I heard a lot about its director and star Jim Van Bebber who has been said to have a style all his own. Deadbeat At Dawn shows clearly why Bebber is praised. His work has an intense feeling to it, pure raw power and some different ideas. The creative camera work in DAD and style along with the great lava lamp like intro's between scenes are quite unique. What it fails to do in good acting and budget it makes up for in energy.

The film is a little rough around the edges but its just fun to watch. Director Bebber stars as Goose, the leader of the street gang known as The Ravens. Goose reigns supreme in his gang until at his girlfriend Christie's request decides to quit. Once this happens the rival gang decide to kill Goose for some revenge due to earlier humiliations but instead they only kill his girl.

Goose now goes out on the run until he finally joins back with The Ravens. They pull off a major heist but everything goes wrong when the rival gang set The Ravens up to believe the two gangs will join together. The Ravens are killed in the double cross with only Goose making it out of the whole ordeal alive. He is now on the run with the bag of loot that the rival gang want bad.

It all ends off at the train station in downtown Dayton, Ohio with Goose attempting to get the stolen money to Christie's sister and having to fight a whole gang in the process. The conclusion is the high point of the whole movie, it has some great action sequences which are extremely brutal and violent.

Deadbeat At Dawn has its flaws like the particular scene of Goose going into a store, drinking a can of soda and then being asked to pay for it. Goose goes up to the guy working there and screams in his face "GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!" and then leaves!? He left due to a guy shooting at him but what was the point of all this? Bebber is not a good actor but he knows how to kick some serious ass. In order to enjoy this you have to appreciate the style and great ideas it uses on a budget of its size. Its an enjoyable action film as action films go. Don't be stupid like I did by not renting or buying the rare pre-record because of the cover, you know the saying.

Rating: ***

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