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Day Of The Dead (remastered, widescreen with behind the scenes footage and trailer)
Directed by George A. Romero
1985, USA

"First there was "NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD" then "DAWN of the DEAD" and now the darkest day of horror the world has ever known."

Romero's third film in the dead trilogy provides a more bleak and harsh picture of the world after the dead have taken over. The remaining survivors mostly made up of military personal and scientists reside in an underground army bunker and struggle to cope with their situation while desperately holding onto their sanity. The military are perceived in a negative sense here as they dictate to the researchers and become the other evil besides the hordes of zombies. Only a pilot, a rummy radio communications expert and a female scientist (Lori Cardrelle) seem to maintain some mental stability while others such as the crazy doctor known as "Frankenstein" (Richard Liberty) are simply batty. The head of the military officers is Rhodes (Joseph Pilato) and its evident he is the chief dictator plus a very unlikable character.

Day Of The Dead gets a bit talky during the middle but the conclusion is a show stopping gore-burst with some of Tom Savini's best make up effects. The bonus on the end of this version is the making of the movie and this feature is reason enough alone to get it. The cast and crew are interviewed, Savini has a chat about his effects work (including his disliking of the effects and fake blood mixture used in Dawn Of The Dead!) and the cast are interviewed. Throw that old crusty Media tape away and get the Anchor Bay remaster.

Rating: 41/2 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor