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Lamberto Bava 1985 Italy

Dario Argento produced film about the opening of a new horror movie in a theater called the Metropol.  The beginning has a strange looking fella distributing tickets.  A girl gets a couple  for her and her friend.  Film wastes little time with character or plot development.  A number of patrons go to the theater for the film when a black lady cuts herself with a demon mask.  When the movie they are watching in the theater unfolds the same way it is evident something strange is going on.  A guy in the film they are watching gets scratched after putting on a demon mask.  Soon the black woman who was scratched earlier is turned into a green slime-slobbering demon and the cycle continues.

The remaining people in the theater must fight for their lives against the drooling mongrels.  Lots of cheesy gore but nothing you haven't seen before except for a blind man getting his eyes gouged out (pretty interesting concept).  Some unbelievably bad plot twists and dubbing bring this waaaaaay down.  The ending just plain stinks.  The demons shall take over the worrrrrrrld! The sequel is much worse.

Rating: 2 ½ Skulls

Richard J.Taylor