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Deadly Impact
A.k.a: Impatto Mortale, Giant Killer
Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis as Larry Ludman
1984, Italy

"The stakes are higher than you think!"

Fabrizio De Angelis directs and produces this messy, chopped up and un-enjoyable ride. At least Thunder Warrior had some great slow motion, lots of action, Mark Gregory and was a somewhat decent imitation of First Blood but this one is just bad. Bo Svenson gives a terrible performance as a cop going after the killers of a gambling criminal..

Svenson looks really bad in this one, almost out of place while Fred Willamson can't save it either. Even John Morghen (Gates Of Hell, Make Them Die Slowly, Stage Fright) gives a rather mediocre non-pizazz performance. Svenson chases killers Morghen and his accomplice around endlessly. There were a number of things about this one I didn't like. The poorly done action scenes, the slow motion which revolved around crappy car crashes and Bo Svenson who looked like shit throughout, were talk'in bad hair and clothing. I'm not into fashion but that boy better do something with himself because he looks bad. The dialogue was just there and the usual hard nosed no nonsense Svenson came across looking like a pansy. Fred Willamson's role as a helicopter pilot was completely wasted as well. Having high expectations going into this one, displeasure was the only outcome. Note the music for the opening of Thunder Warrior in a diner Willamson enters during the film.

-Richard Taylor