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Dangerous Obsession

The late gore-meister Lucio Fulci's attempt at an erotic thriller. Its filled with steamy soft core sex which is a lot more graphic than a lot of the American soft-core stuff released during the time. Its a pretty turgid affair except for the occasional steamy encounter and the saxophone sex scene at the beginning.

Dangerous Obsession is about a famous saxophonist and his lover. It focusses on they're reckless and sex filled relationship. The story also has a surgeon who is having trouble with his love life. Both the lover of the saxophonist and the surgeons lives intervene as the saxophonist dies due to the negligence of the surgeon. The lover of the saxophonist is then obsessed with tormenting the surgeon until she finally abducts him.

Most of the film revolves around the flashback scenes and other tiresome/uninteresting footage accompanied by nudity and a little simulated sex. What's amazing is that most Italian directors such as Fulci were capable of moving outside of the horror genre. Dangerous Obsession is for Fulci completists only and for fans of soft core sex fare or any film with a lot of nudity in it for that matter.

Rating: 1 out of 5

"Hey, where can I get saxophone lessons, anyone?"

Richard Taylor