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Day Of The Cobra A.k.a. Il Giorno Del Cobra

Directed by Enzo G. Castellari 1981, Italy

Starring Franco Nero, William Berger, Sybil Danning, Mickey Knox, Licinia Lentini, Rocco Lerro, Mario Maranzana, Thomas Moore, Romano Puppo, Massimo Vanni

This is the first flick I've ever seen with Franco Nero in the lead role, I find it pretty interesting in the fact his voice is never dubbed since he has a very thick Italian accent. Nero plays a detective nicknamed Cobra who is fresh out of prison, Cobra takes a mission to get the man he was trying to catch before going to prison from the man responsible for putting him in prison. The organization (CIA or something I believe) Nero was working for needed a scapegoat and used him to take the fall. He is promised cash and a place back on the service if he completes the mission successfully.

Nero goes to Genoa, Italy (his home town in the movie) and meets up with his young son who is going to a school there. Nero eventually gets deeply involved in the case while he is shot at, attacked and seduced by the always sexy Sybil Damning. After a lot of investigative work such as twisting arms and stepping on toes Nero goes over the edge in the end due to obvious reasons displayed in the film and has a showdown with the men he is after in an abandoned warehouse.

Day Of The Cobra is a bit slow since its not what I would call an action film but it suffices as a watchable movie. It has some memorable moments such as Nero combating a woman on a disco dance floor to only find out in an instant its really a man (nice camera technique used here). There are also some clever lines (surprising for an Italian B movie eh) delivered by Nero who is a very cool cat throughout. Enzo G. Castellari once again showing us his talents but where is all the great slow motion action? There is only one slow motion scene of a guy getting shot in the balls and tumbling over unless you count the scenes of Nero spinning around his son up in his arms. Day Of The Cobra is also quite good for plot twists since a number of them occur, I suspected the ending after all of what Nero went through but it did come as somewhat of a surprise to me. My main complaint is the fucking horrible theme song for the movie ("I am a cobra...duh...duh...duh). If your looking for some different Italian fare check it out.