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Dr. Butcher M.D. AKA Queen Of The Cannibals, Zombi Holocaust, Island Of The Last Zombies
Frank Martin(Marino Girolami)\1979\Italy

Another Italian gorefest this time by American retitled Marino Girolami.  Actually this film is pretty good.  it has loads of gore and zombies along with cannibals.  it starts out with a psychotic cutting up bodies for particular parts to consume(hand, heart) at a hospital.  The cheesy music in this is so bad its good.  We are introduced to a nurse and a reporter (Alexandra Delli Colli, Ian McCollough).  The carnage at the hospital continues until an employee of the place is caught doing the deed.  He jumps out a window(his arm comes off when he falls, when he's shown again his arm is still there, hilarious. Colli and McCollough decide to investigate.  Colli's apartment is ransacked and an ancient dagger is stolen.  A ritualistic sign is marked on her wall, which was the same one marked on the man who was stealing parts from bodies at the hospital.  Eventually Colli and McCollough go along with a team to an island named after the ancient marking (the purpose is never made clear).  Once there McCollough suspects their guide is trying to mislead them.  The head scientist of the place (Donald O' Brian) also seems very strange.  On the Island everyone on the team is picked off.  Scenes of mangled bodies and rotting heads, one poor sucker is impaled on a jungle trap and then gets his guts ripped out and feasted on by the cannibals (excellent gore here).

Another fellow on the explorer team gets his chest ripped open and organs feasted upon along with his eyes poked out(more excellent gore here).  McCollough chews a zombie's head with an outboard motor sending bloody chunks of his head and brain flying everywhere, an excellent kill sequance.  A female reporter gets abducted and scalped, she then has her brain removed by mad docter O' Brian.  Colli gets taken by the cannibals but she is worshipped by them (origin of original title maybe?).  McCollough gets captured by O' Brian and is to be used in an experiment.  Colli's cannibals save the day surprisingly and McCollough along with Colli escape while everyone burns in the building.  The ending has zero gore and is really a let down.  You should also catch the Dawn Of The Dead Homage(machete in the forehead).  This is a decent little film.  There's enough gore and nudity (Colli looks very delectable indeed) to keep me entertained.  Not bad at all.

Rating: 3 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor