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The Exorcist
William Friedkin 1973 USA

Classic horror picture based on the old fashioned good (the priests in this case which in real life are not always good) vs Evil (Satan) type premise.  The devil himself has possessed a young Linda Blair in her famous cult role.  Blair spits out foul sexual language and among other things green vomit.  She can spin her head around in a 360-degree turn, make objects movie etc. She stabs herself in the groin many times with a cross and also pisses on the floor.  Even though this may sound tasteless this is indeed a very intelligent horror film, it has Blair the daughter of an actress becoming possessed, her mothers anguish and deterioration over the event and the life of a priest who is losing faith after the death of his mother whom he blames on himself.

There are some things you might have to watch the movie twice to find out like why did the police detective find the ancient artifact.  The final scenes where priest Max Von Sydow tries to exorcise the evil out of Blair are quite something but don't be expecting a happy ending.  Not to say the ending is not good though, it's different for a change.  Very famous and well made film which deserves it's status.

Rating: 4 Skulls