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Forbidden World

The third Roger Corman produced low budget horror/sci-fi film following Galaxy Of Terror and Battle Beyond The Stars. Not being too impressed with Galaxy Of Terror I was skeptical if Forbidden World would be of the same caliber or worse. After and while watching the outcome was evidently clear that I liked Forbidden World better. Its a great little early eighties B-movie with some great gore, camera work, a couple of hot nude chicks and some likable characters. Unlike Galaxy Of Terror which was extremely slow moving and never ending Forbidden World moved at a steady flowing pace and it never let up.

The goofy Star Wars space ship fighting at the beginning with the copycat music in the background gives you no indication of the type of film this is going to be, its almost like a kids movie. It also has a main character who has a bionic talking friend (sound familiar, hmmmm?) Forbidden World was made from the remaining sets and props from Battle Beyond The Stars and Galaxy Of Terror which would let you think its not much of a movie. Being unfamiliar with the actors involved much the same as I was with Galaxy Of Terror (except for a couple) I wasn't too concerned about mastery film making. If it held my interest its a good watch IMHO. The two naked nymphs provided some great full frontal nude shots and the aliens although looking extremely laughable provided a couple of good gasps (or should I say laughs). The gore was good and slimy especially the scene where a doctor has a cancerous tumor the size of a football removed from his side.

Forbidden World's plot is pretty standard. A spaceship has a contained alien specimen and an intergalactic hero is ordered to go to the ship to lend a helping hand. The hero space cadet wants to destroy it but the head scientist won't allow it so naturally the thing escapes and goes on a rampage making a meal out of the crew. The specimen is made up of human and alien DNA (sorta like the idea in Species). Its kind of funny, the alien escapes but business still goes on as usual on the ship including some love encounters. Its one of those you've seen it all before but its good anyway type flicks. If you tired of Alien you could do a lot worse than this. I actually enjoyed it ten times more than Alien but on a fun level. Its like a mix of Star Wars, Alien, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers all rolled into one. If you like cheesy sci-fi stuff you'll dig this. Rating: *** "No spaceship is fully equipped without a sauna!"