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The Howling Joe Dante 1981 USA

A very respectable and watchable werewolf horror film. It's not as good as American Werewolf In London because it doesn't have the humor or characterization, in other words although it is supposed to be loaded to the brim with inside jokes on the outside it plays as a straightedge horror film. The superb make-up effects by Rob Bottin are what really make this something especially the transformation sequence which reminds me of Bakers even though both films were made at the same time

Films plot has a female reporter recovering from a sexual trauma where she lay bait to catch a sex murderer. Herself and her husband move to a doctors small town colony which is actually a haven for werewolves. The sex maniac from the start of the film is a werewolf as well residing in that same colony! A great movie with loads of scares and great effects but the characters are dislikable, nonetheless one of the best werewolf films out there. The ending is amazing and very well done. Followed by an array of utterly worthless sequels

Rating: 4 skulls

Richard J.Taylor