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I Drink Your Blood
Directed by David E. Durston
Starring: Bhaskar, Jadine Wong, Rhonda Fultz, George Patterson, Riley Mills, John Damon, Elizabeth Marner Brooks, Richard Bowler, Tyde Kierney, Iris Brooks
USA, 1971

Early seventies cheese ball horror exploitationer about a hippie cult who stir up some shit in a small almost deserted town called Valley Hills. The town (if you can call it that) consists of an old veterinarian doctor (played by Richard Bowler), his grandchildren and another lady named Mildred (Elizabeth Marner-Brooks) who runs a bakery. The group of sadus worshiping hippies led by the psychotic Horace (Bhaskar) enter town and shack up in an old deserted hotel. Doc Banner the animal vet, pay them a visit since they assaulted his daughter Sylvia (Iris Brooks) in the opening of the film. Banner gets drugged with LSD and flogged for his troubles. Banner's annoying animal vet wannabe grandson named Pete (Riley Mills) decides to get revenge on the hippies for hurting his grand pappy by extracting blood from a dead rabid dog and injecting the blood into meat pies sold at the bakery. The starving hippies buy the meat pies, turn nice and rabid and then spread the disease onto a group of nearby construction workers building a dam. This turns them all into a raging pack of hydrophobic slaugherhounds of hell "ravaging a peaceful country side!"

I Drink Your Blood was shown alongside I Eat Your Skin as a double bill (although not even remotely related other than by title) in drive through theatres. Its a great time with its rather unrealistic and unintentionally funny portrayals of hallucinogenic drugs and Satan. Its a low budget funfest filled with all sorts of craziness especially that out of this world music score. The kid character Pete belongs on a Saturday morning special, the kid is strictly a corny character: "I may not know about that L stuff that drives you crazy but I know about rabies." Find I Drink Your Blood, its a 70's exploitation classic, they don't make'm like this anymore.

-Richard Taylor