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Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS/Don Edmunds/1974/USA

Below average Ilsa film compared to the far superior sleaze Tigress Of Siberia. Ilsa is back and chief of a nazi concentration camp. Low rent filmmaking all the way not even an ounce of cheesy gore is shown especially the castration scene, which Ilsa is standing up in the way of. The nudity was not as plentiful, you seen lots of nude chicks but not as much of Ilsa, only in a couple of scenes. The acting is incredibly bad especially by the American Stallion (what a joke!).

Film runs much the same as all the others. Ilsa struts around the camp inflicting punishment and showing off those huge tits until her operation is put to an end. The gore highlight of the film is a cheesy head explosion. There's disturbing stuff like a naked missus being forced to stand up on an ice block with a noose around her neck. Quite a cruddy and boring film.

Rating: 1 Skull

Richard J.Taylor