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Ilsa: Tigress Of Siberia

Sleazy as usual Ilsa films still seem to entertain me with they're seedy charm. The abundance of cheap effects help with numerous deaths by impalement, a gooey head smashing, chainsaw arm wrestling, ice fishing with a human body and death by a tiger (what Ilsa film doesn't have a deadly pit with a tiger inside). Ilsa is the leader of a Russian work camp. During her work she's harsh and in the evening only two men at a time can satisfy her sexual needs, men even fight each other for her.

When the work camp is destroyed she moves to Montreal to run a brothel where she meets up with a former Russian prisoner who escaped her work camp. Lots of softcore sex, nudity and cheesy violence keep this entertaining. Dyanne Thorne is killer, she can whip me any day. Better than Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks.

Rating: 4 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor