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Indio 2: The Revolt
D directed by Antonio Margheriti
Sstarring: Marvin Hagler, Frank Cuervo, Dirk Galuba, Maurizio Fardo, Jaqueline Carol, Charles Napier, Tetchie Agbayani
Italy, 1991

Italian director Antonio Margheriti well known for his films Cannibal Apocalypse and The Last Hunter tries his hand at another action entry. This time its an American in the lead role, in this case former boxer "marvelous" Marvin Hagler and lets just say there is nothing marvelous about his acting ability but his ripped figure more than likely enticed film makers to use him as body builders are a dime a dozen in cheapo action movies. Hagler stumbles through his minimal dialogue and walks around shirtless showing off his body. All nonsense aside Indio 2 is actually quite a competent production if you exclude "horrible" Haglers performance. The movie is also one of the more recent films made by Margheriti (under his usual Anthony M. Dawson pseudonym) and its a fun movie. One of the questions I have is involving the necessity for Margheriti to cover up his Italian name and reason being is because every other member of the crew has an obvious Italian name.

Indio 2 is a sequel to the original also directed by Margheriti. The main character from the first (whose face we never see) is killed and his army buddy Sgt. Iron (Hagler of course) is notified. Hagler decides to go on a solo mission to the rain forest where his friend Morale was killed. After arriving Iron meets up with the tribe Morale was living with. He finds out a ruthless construction company are forcing the tribes in the forest out of their natural habitat to build a highway. Iron joins the fight with the tribe to stop the company whose head baddie is cold corporate Charles Napier whose character makes a cameo appearance. The movie takes awhile to get moving and is standard action fare until the climax. A climax which involves all neighboring tribes joining together to fight the company and take back their home. The showdown at the end outranks the whole movie up to that point and surprisingly despite Hagler's limp performance he gets the best line in the whole movie while confronting the slime ball construction foreman..............: "This is for Morale and because I'm black motherfucka!".

If you like action movies or are an Italian genre fan then you should like this, its easy to find, just look in your local video stores action section. It's not a must see or original film but its some good mindless fun. Its great to see that Margheriti was still making films in the 90's.

-Richard Taylor