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Low budget ultra slice of cheese slasher with all of the Sam Raimi cohorts including director Scott Spiegel, Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell in a cameo as a cop. The film may be low budget but I've seen a lot worse, at least Spiegel has a penchant for innovative camera angles which he uses at every opportunity he gets. When the film lacks in budget it makes up for in energy and the use of a great setting, a supermarket. Everything is not what it seems as an announcement is made by one of the co-owners that the place is closing down for good. An ex-boyfriend of one of the female cashiers keeps lurking around and causing trouble especially when the workers are being murdered he is the main suspect in everyone's mind. Beware of the R-rated version which is most likely the Paramount release, all of the great gore scenes are removed including the trash compactor head squish and the bandsaw lobotomy. The film is a standard stalk and slash affair until the conclusion and the great ending which really makes you loathe the cops. I think the film is a great low budget effort and something slasher fan should check out, remember what I said about the R-rated versions. Its pretty interesting as well that KNB Effects Group did the make up effects for this film since now they are doing less gore for big name Hollywood stuff like Scream, the talent was very prevalent in Intruder and I think that is part of the reason why it is a good movie.

Richard J.Taylor