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The Last Hunter
A.k.a: L' Ultimo cacciatore, Il Cacciatore
Directed by Antonio Margheriti as Anthony M. Dawson
1980, Italy

"The screen explodes in a blazing spectacle of war, there was no escape for..........THE LAST HUNTER!"

Italian Vietnam war movie directed by Antonio Margheriti (Cannibal Apocalypse) follows David Warbeck (The Beyond, Black Cat, Panic) as an army captain on a special mission. Warbeck must venture through the deadly jungles to accomplish his goal. Accompanying him are a group of soldiers ( including actors Bobby Rhodes of Demons and Tony King of Cannibal Apocalypse who plays Sergeant George Washington! Hahahahaha) and a war journalist (Tisa Farrow of Zombie and Anthropophagus Beast). The premise is very similar to Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now except The Last Hunter is Italian B-movie spaghetti filled with gory violence from start to finish. Lots of gory shootings, jungle trap mayhem and killer charlie as Warbeck and co. fight to survive.

The Last Hunter is a violent endeavor and entertaining if your a lover of the Italian action/horror genre. One thing that will forever remain in my mind is Tony King's anguishing screams, that guy has a voice that would make you cringe and it sounds so girlish for a tough guy of his ilk. Great movie, worth getting with the combination of a Vietnam setting, a great cast of genre actors and explicit Italian style violence.

-Richard Taylor