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The Lurking Fear C. Courtney Jouyner 1994 USA

Another loose as by hanging from thin threads adaptation of an H.P Lovecraft short story of the same name. Its about a family of inbreeding ghouls that live beneath an old house and cemetery. In this there are many characters to enjoy and much going on to appreciate. We have a group of annoying crooks searching for hidden loot buried in a casket with a body. Jeffery "The King" Combs as a scientist/docter type character playing another OTT role reminiscent of the Re-animator flicks. Jon Finch is the head and very detestable gangster. Hellraiser's Ashley Lauren is a Rambo type something like Linda Hamilton in T2.

During the run of this film there is a plot to destroy the whole cemetery by blowing it up from Ashley Lauren but the crooks put a stop to that real fast because they want to find their loot no matter what the cost. A member of the ghoul family whom is not a ghoul searches for who they are and how they got here. Lets not forget the two women who duke it out in the cemetery during a downfall of rain.

Vincent Schiavelli also has a small role as an undertaker when the crooks visit him. Eventually most of the cast gets killed including Combs (sob!) who dies rather quickly in the film to say the least. The great looking albino monsters decapitate, eviscerate, rip out hearts and by other gory means dispatch the victims. A great little film released by Full Moon who rarely release anything worth watching except maybe for the first Sub-Species and first installment of The Puppet Master.

RATING: 4 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor