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Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor
"It came from another planet."

Surprisingly good low budget alien/monster movie released in 1990 works so well because of its energy and excellent gory special effects. It wastes no time in cutting to the chase and it takes a different approach by not unfolding chronologically. A bunch of no name actors also give it their best but with most films of this caliber you get your hokiness and bad dialogue plus other corny mentionables. I managed to see through all of these elements and appreciate it on a tongue in cheek level.

The latex gore effects were really professional. I'm not a big fan of stop motion animation sequences, just use the giant Styrofoam monsters dag nabbit! The ending was another downfall of the whole affair, why make it so foolish? Is there a rule which states 80% of horror films have to have a bad ending? By now I'm definitely used to expecting a crummy ending every time I watch a horror flick and I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me.

Metamorphosis has a scientist being bitten by an alien specimen resulting in different alien cell cultures getting into his bloodstream. The poor sod then goes through a state of "Metamorphosis" which looks very good effects wise until he finally turns into a big slimey creature dining on the laboratory staff, obnoxious corporate jerks and unlikable government agents.

The daughters of a security guard at the facility decide to investigate what happened to their father when he doesn't come home after work. The oldest daughter goes to talk to the head man of the place and he covers up her fathers death so she decides to do her own investigating. The daughters and other individuals become trapped in the lab with the alien on a rampage, the two young ladies then run around and scream a lot while the rest of the cast are killed off.

The movie is pretty chintzy but the great good old fashioned latex gore really saves it, strictly a gore effects film and monster fans will have a good time.

Rating: ***

"Being a security guard was never so hazardous!"