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Nekromantik Jorg Buttgereit 1989 Germany

Strictly underground cult classic (were talkin the film underground way below the likes of Bad Taste here). Utterly tasteless film in every sense of the word. From the opening of the film with a woman taking a piss to the gory car crash that follows. This film is offensive but all of the effects are so cheap and the performances so bad that you can't help but laugh. The stab masturbation blood ejaculation scene at the end is so horribly funny. What I didn't especially like was the killing of a real rabbit, what the hell was the whole point of having that in there? The cat killing was obviously fake.

Buttgereit didn't impress me much with this. The lame elevator music soundtrack and just some plain stupid ideas. The little story there is in this film has a car accident clean up man named Rob taking a decaying corpse home Himself, his girlfriend and the corpse have a threesome and when Rob loses his job his girl leaves him and takes the corpse with her. What I seen of Schramm was a joke as well except that cock nailing scene (ughhh). There's not much dialogue in this as the subtitles kicked in only every now and then. The funniest scene was when Rob was running through the field, what was the point of that ridiculously stupid scene, time filler? I wouldn't want to watch this again. What a joke some sick filmmaking as well.

Buttgereit must have had some influence from Bad Taste as the music and that shovel head slicing reflected Jackson's work.

Rating: 1 Skull

Richard J.Taylor