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Nightmare Aka: Nightmares In A Damaged Brain, Bloodsplash, Schizo
Ddirected by Romano Scavolini
Starring: Baird Stafford, Sharon Smith, C.J. Cooke, Mik Cribben, Danny Ronen

USA, 1981

After hearing a number of things about this 80's psycho slasher including Tom Savini denying he did the make up effects probably for the same sorry assed reason Wes Craven wants to forget Last House On The Left. Savini's effects are a definite highlight of the film considering it doesn't have much else going for it. Its a bare bones gore slasher that can be interesting when watching Baird Stafford .playing the tormented character of George Tatum who has been supposedly cured of his psychological disorder due to a new magical medicine. In actuality the cure is only temporarily suppressing his homicidal tendencies and channeling him to commit brutal murders.

The movie is dull and doesn't have much to work with but its worth watching until the climax where we really get to see Savini show off his effects pieces. Its hard to tell whether the conclusion was meant to come as a big surprise, its actually quite obvious. I mean why would this guy be stalking this particular family, there has to be a motive. All criticisms aside Nightmare has some very atmospheric, chilling and just downright memorable scenes including that opening (whoah, Nellie!). The actors are bad except for crazy dude in the lead role, as I said before the guy has a genuine nack for looking creepy, Kudos go to the casting crew for the great type casting. The other end of the plot involves a woman and her young son. The kid has a reputation for pulling nasty pranks. Both the family and psychopath storylines diverge into one another. To Savini the film probably is a Nightmare.

-Richard Taylor