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Premutos: Der Gefallene Engel (The Fallen Angel)
Directed by Olaf Ittenbach
1997, Germany

It's been a long wait but the German master gore monger himself Olaf Ittenbach has returned with which is probably his goriest work yet. This copy is completely in German without subs but despite this I was still fully entertained with relentless and what seemed like endless scenes of gory carnage strewn all over the screen. Not since Braindead has so much gore been flung around.

From what I can gather Premutos is about an evil spirit which has been around for centuries. The movie goes through time to the present displaying the carnage this monster has left behind and how it was formed (it even goes back to when Christ was crucified). Once again Ittenbach plays the lead role and much of the same shit happens which is very similar to Black Past. Ittenbach's character Mattias finds a book called Premutos and through some means is transformed into a gooey faced demon.

This time around zombies are the name of the game especially during the unbelievably gory conclusion. Ittenbach has clearly improved his filmmaking style. The budget is better, the film is more professionally made since it is not shot on video like his previous movies. It's loaded down with gore like I mentioned before but unlike The Burning Moon and Black Past the scenes of carnage happen quickly and do not last any amount of time although the scenes are a lot more plentiful. There are more severed necks, blown off heads and sheared limbs other than long agonizing torture sequences, all of which make it less disturbing. The amount of humor brought forward is also quite a change of pace from the previous two films. Such scenes as Ittenbach's trouble with his groin, an overdone nose pick scene, a masturbating priest and even an army tank blasting zombies into bloody bits. It's overdone but all in good fun, I'd rank this as one of the top underground horror films of 99 even though it seems to have come out in 97, distribution problems, I think so!

-Richard Taylor