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Ring Of Death (AKA Un Detective, Detective Belli and Macchie D)

Directed by Romolo Guerrieri
Italy, 1969

“A corrupt cop on a merry-go-ground to murder.”

Late sixties Italian crime drama did not impress me a whole lot. Having developed a taste for a number of veteran actor Franco Nero’s movies this one left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. Nero stars in countless films and whether he’s dubbed (with the case of Django and Cry Onion) or speaking with his thick Italian accent, the actor has a strong on screen presence. Some of his better work includes Hitch-hike, Keoma and Django, don’t get me started on his great 5 minute role in Die Hard 2.

Ring Death is a boring array of detective work and questioning sessions while Nero tries to uncover a web (or ring if you prefer) of deception, blackmail and yes, death. When he’s not questioning suspects he’s slapping around women and going to bed with them. After many questions and loud outbursts later Nero decides to take a young lady for a round of “Russian Roulette” using a car as the gun and the other traffic as bullets. Nero is quoted as saying “Should we go another round my dear?”

Nero’s character is dull, all of what you would except of an actual detective so the movie is in tune with realism you could say. Ring Of Death is the obvious tacked on American title and the movie is pretty old, I was thinking early 70's but its late sixties so I’m impressed. Too bad it wasn’t better, by the time the conclusion came around I was just glad with the fact it was finally over and done with. Viewers may notice familiar actress Florinda Bolkan in the movie who also starred in the late Lucio Fulci’s Don’t Torture A Duckling and A Lizard In Woman’s Skin.