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Violent Shit
Directed by Andreas Schnass 1989, Germany

"A new butcher is born"

Andreas Schnass exposed underground horror film audiences worldwide to his low budget German shot on video gorefests with Violent Shit. He succeeded in making a much better sequel and another film entitled Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence which is also an experience in its own to endure. Schnass relies on buckets of fake blood including squirting squibs and of course what low budget gore film would be complete without animal innards?

Right now Schnass and cohort Olaf Ittenbach (they probably have no idea who the fuck each other are), another low budget German filmmaker responsible for such gory monstrosities as Black Past, The Burning Moon and now Premutos: The Fallen Angel have warmed our respectable gore monging hearts and seem to be the only ones making the authentic gore movie thrive unless you count the Japanese. The American market it seems is saturated with nothing but polished horror movies which lack any true blood and guts horror.

Violent Shit consists of no more than some rather young looking German in duds reminiscent of Jason in Friday The 13th part 2 pulling a Halloween type murder on his mother at a young and tender age. Years later on his way to a maximum security facility he escapes and goes on a gory killing spree in the surrounding wooded area before the extraordinarily odd conclusion. Karl "The Butcher"Berger Shitter as he is called carves up any unfortunate fucker he comes across with a big ass meatcleaver which he just seems to have on hand. What we get are some nasty disembowelings, limb amputations, castration, a vaginal gutting, dismemberments, a guy completely cut in half with a tree trimming saw and the same part on getting the aforementioned saw in the face in gory close up detail.

Surprisingly from what I've previously heard about the bad make up effects I whole heartedly disagree and believe the make-up is incredibly professional on such a budget and the only factor which redeems the entire movie for that matter. This copy is entirely in German so I had a fuck of a time understanding what exactly was going on, brownie points go out to the very simple plot. Actually, the only English I could salvage from it was the song Red, Red, Wine by UB40 being played on a car radio. You have to love the endless driving scene on a dark road which must take up 10 minutes (way to waste time there eh). If you can't get enough of the sauce Violent Shit will keep you going until you seek out the sequel and the long awaited Violent Shit 3. Rating of the film is solely based on gore and nothing more!