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Splatter (Naked Blood)
Directed by Toshiyasu Sato
Yyear ????/Japan
Cast: Misa Aika, Sadao Abe, Mika Kirihara, Yumika Hayashi

Japanese (I think) sub-titled film is original and one of a kind. With most horror/cult movies from this cultural spectrum Splatter is very strange and an anything but normal gruefest, in other words nothing you wouldn't expect from this country. Not being a lover of these type of films I found myself interested in this one which made it not hard to sit through. The story is simple to follow although a number of things had me confused especially the outcome of the film.

A young man named Eiji perfects his fathers serum for immortality which enables people to feel pain, the pain a person would normally feel turns into pleasure. Eiji injects the serum into his mothers patients who are testing a birth control drug. The effects of this "ultimate anesthetic" makes its recipients mutilate themselves for pleasure resulting in some very stomach turning special effects and close-ups which give even the Guinea Pig series a run for its money. As mentioned above the movie is odd and a bit slow paced at the beginning but it builds up nicely resulting in an extremely twisted film with a unique premise.

-Richard Taylor