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Sweet House Of Horrors A.k.a Dolce Casa Degli Orrori, La
Directed by Lucio Fulci

One of the late Lucio Fulci's rarer and later pictures which was actually made for TV (if you can believe that!) after his prolific horror/gore films such as Gates Of Hell, House By The Cemetery, The Beyond, Zombie etc. This late eighties Italian production gets off to a great start with a masked man breaking into a house and brutally murdering the two owners. After the opening the film goes into the toilet at an alarming rate. I was starting to believe the reason this film is so hard to find is because its simply not very good. Fulci's attempt at the supernatural does not hold up much the same as his attempts with Manhattan Baby or The Black Cat.

The story continues after an aunt and uncle of the children whose parents were murdered at the opening take care of the children in the same house. Soon, the two creepy kids along with their annoying English dubbed voices conjure up a supernatural force which brings their parents back. Along with this a number of strange supernatural occurrences go on inside and out of the house. The story never really fits together, we don't find out why the parents were murdered and what motive the killer had or why all of these strange events are occurring in general. Simply put this movie is a bunch of nonsense. Not to sell Fulci short, much of the mans work I love but like every director Fulci sometimes didn't have much to work with and like much of the Italian B- movie directors did some films for the money plain and simple.

Sweet House Of Horrors can't be pigeon holed, I can't put my finger on it, not sure if its a haunted house movie, an exorcism movie or a revenge flick. It has elements of all of these but never picks one direction and runs with it. Sweet House Of Horrors is for true Fulci completests, I can't see any other reason why someone would want it except to complete their Fulci collection.

Richard J.Taylor