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There's Nothing Out There

After hearing that this film inspired Scream I needed nothing more of an explanation to give it a rent despite the fact that it looked extremely cheesy. After viewing I believed without a doubt that a character in the film was an original prototype of Randy in Scream which was later changed to have the "cool" nineties attitude and quirkiness. The rest of the film had as much relation to Scream as Last House On The Left has to The Virgin Spring. The opening scenes which take place in a movie store and which have nothing to do with the rest of the movie are quite enjoyable especially if you like spotting horror movie cover boxes. The rest of the film is a disjointed teen romp about a fake inflatable rubber alien with cheap special effects for its eyes which zap teens and turn them into its slaves. The films horror movie fan character was quite dry humor wise and foolish (not to mention paranoid) throughout the whole movie but he had two great lines involving him stopping the alien by using shaving cream : " No one likes a mouth full of shaving cream." and " All we know about it is like anybody it doesn't like a mouth full of shaving cream." The fact that the cast keeps a straight face when the guy says this is a task all in itself. Both of these lines have grown on me and are hysterical, the whole stupid concept is a riot. The film is one of those SBIG type movies and you can tell this is the case especially when a character in the film uses the boom mic which is hanging above him at the top of the screen to swing to safety. Despite a couple of great gags the film is pretty much a tiresome affair whereby the alien picks off most of the cast. The little bit of gore there is in the film is fitfully bad and the alien looks funny as hell especially when a member of the cast wrestles the inflatable plastic menace. Fans of truly bad horror films will appreciate the film, its in the same vein as Hardrock Zombies and if you liked that you'll enjoy this and vice versa. The films hokiness makes it rise head above the rest but only by an eyebrow. BTW, the ending is really funny as well.

Richard J.Taylor