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Thunder Warrior 2
Transworld Video

Strictly a hackjob film making wise, a sequel that never should have been made. An Italian "First Blood" rip-off directed by Fabrizo De Angelis as Larry Ludman with camera work by Sergio Salvati. You'd think a film with the two would suffice as a decent Italian action entry with the usual amount of cheesy qualities but suffice to say it doesn't.

It stars Mark Gregory (the character Trash in 1990: The Bronx Warriors, the guy who walked so stiff it looked like he had to take a dump) as Thunder, the Indian who returns to the New Mexico town he wrecked havoc on in the original. He returns home to his wife and unborn child only to find more trouble from an old rival of his, a dirty cop named Rusty. This time Thunder is a deputy himself but he's set up by Rusty and thrown in a county work camp.

Its a short movie but you'd be hard pressed to tell as it drags (oh boy, does it ever!). A usually great Italian music score is not here and neither is the potent violence, its all a pretty dull affair. The whole idea of the movie is very senseless as Thunder eventually breaks out of the work camp and goes on a rampage destroying many things just to get to one man.

The dialogue is very poor with the dubbing to match. The fight scene in the bar at the beginning is good ("pick on somebody you own size!" is just a little example of some utterly cliched and pitiful but fun anyway dialogue) but when the sound effects are as bad as they are it adds a goofy feeling to the attitude of the movie. There are a couple of good stunts including a car jump where the car goes up a ramp and over a prison fence (I wonder how the ramp got there, just me and my cynical bullshit logic) but the stuntman is shown very clearly in the car as it lands on the ground wearing a very noticeable crash helmet. There's another good stunt where Thunder is hanging from a helicopter rope while the helicopter flies along the mountains (of course by now Jackie Chan could do that bit with his eyes closed).

The bottom line is the movie is badly made and it shows. There are characters that are type casted in the movie just for the sake of being there (the drunk lawyer character fits that description nicely). The only thing I wasn't expecting was the ending which really saves the movie from being generic (which it already sorta is) because its so damn unexpected.

Rating: 1 out of 5

"If you thought Indians were scarce in the original this one is even worse."

Richard Taylor