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Warriors Of The Wasteland A.k.a.: The New Barbarians, 2019; nuovi barbari, Metropolis 2000
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari Made in Italy in 1982
Released by Simitar; HBO; Impulse
Starring: Timothy Brent (Giancarlo Prete), Fred Williamson and George Eastman (Luigi Montefere)

Review: Another Italian post-apoc flick to add to the pile. This one delivered to us by Enzo G. (1990: The Bronx Warriors, Escape From The Bronx) who is quite familiar with the sub genre is a poorly made low budget affair that entertained me nonetheless. Despite the poor dubbing job which makes the acting incredibly bad and low production values you can't help but sit back and enjoy the great cheesy style the film conveys.

The great slow motion sequences ever so present in Castellari's work are in an over abundance here (if you like the slow motion stuff check out Thunder Warrior and Escape From The Bronx as well). The energy the movie has is great and it is very fast moving with continuous battle after battle. Hardly one ounce of plot and some very cheesy costumes along with a final battle scene which has the same cast members obviously dying repeatedly due to budget restraints more than likely. Only a director like Castellari can pull it off in such a slick manner and he does a good job, just try and give some Hollywood director a meager budget like this to make a film with it.

Timothy Brent (Giancarlo Prete) plays Scorpion, another unlikable cardboard character loner who roams the wasteland in a horrible looking futuristic car (looks like a Pinto or an old Chevy) that has pieces of plastic and a see through dome attached on the top. He fights off the Templers who are a group of stupid looking comic book character villains killing survivors of the nuclear holocaust for "purification". The Templers are led by George Eastman (Luigi Montefere) whose name is simply "One".

Fred Williamson plays Nadir, a cool black daddy with some god awful looking duds who has a habit of saving Scorpion's ass. Castellari must have been up all night thinking long and hard about those names for the characters in the film. After the endless battles for no apparent reason the two warriors decide to help a group of survivors fight off the Templers since Scorpion and Nadir hook up with two chicks from the group (you know how a piece of tail can change your perspective on things). That's your plot to the film rolled up into a ball and spit onto celluloid.

Warriors Of The Wasteland has some great gore such as Williamson who uses exploding arrows to blow up poor ass Templers into bits, there are a couple of great decapitation effects in this one. The music is annoying and not nearly as good as in After The Fall Of New York or 1990: The Bronx Warriors, its just a constant buzzing. If your accustomed to the genre your going to like this and have a great time watching.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Richard Taylor