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Starring Anthony Forrest, Tom Marshall, and Georgina Kean
Directed by Alan Birkenshaw

A psychiatrist at the mental institution is experimenting with dream therapy coupled with hallucinatory drugs in an attempt to get three insane men in touch with their deeper primitive natures. He does this with the hope that they will reveal the roots of their mental problems and issue clues for their cure. Unfortunately, the three escape and ravage the rural community nearby. This film has great 1970s decor and screen writing with such lines spoken in British accents as "You can't escape from dreams." One of the insane men locates a scythe and uses it liberally. The other two are busy giving the young women nightmares of their own. There are plenty of great scenes and chase scenes that are filmed with a blue gel. This adds to the eerieness of the scenes immensely.

Roger (aka tarantula)