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Starring Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli,and Claudio Volonte
Written and directed by Mario Bava

Right from the start an elderly wheelchair-bound woman owning the lot on the bay is hung. Bava does a wonderful job as director of photography of this and the numerous gory killings that radiate throughout this film. This is a classic story of deceit, murder, revenge, and greed told in a novel way. The plot contains a number of twists that demands the viewers attention. Twitch is a wonderful film to watch in the dark as it contains many quiet moments that play on your nerves. Young couples who have come to the bay for a sex-filled weekend end up in an orgy of the dead. Not only are there more than 3 killers in this film, but the film also possesses a very twisted and surprising ending.

A beautiful well-orchestrated plot with a score of psychedelic guitar riffs.

Roger (aka tarantula)