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 Directed by Alfred Vohrer
 Cast - Klaus Kinski, Harald Leipnitz, Herman Lenschau, Diana Korner, Carl Lange
This German made murder/mystery was based on a story by Edgar Wallace. The film takes place in modern day England. Klaus Kinski plays dual roles as twin brothers Dave & Richard Emerson. The movie opens with Dave Emerson being sentenced to life in a sanitarium, for murders he committed. Four years later, Dave escapes the sanitarium, and returns to his family's mansion. During his escape two people were murdered and Scotland Yard is called in to solve the case. Upon Dave's return, he assumes the identity of his twin brother. Scotland Yard's inspector is quick to catch on, and Dave reveals
himself. Dave claims he was wrongfully committed and did not murder anyone. No sooner than he says this, a mysterious hooded figure with an iron glove that has stiletto-like claws starts bumping off the cast. The glove is known as the legendary "Blue Hand."  Meanwhile, we discover that the doctor who runs the sanitarium is not on the level. From here on the mystery unfolds.
This is a very good 1960's thriller that's well paced and suspenseful. There are several twists in the plot. A good portion of the movie takes place at Emerson's home, Greystone Hall, where there's all sorts of secret labyrinths and at the sanitarium, where curing patients is not the highest priority. The film does not have much to offer in cheap thrills. There is no real gore or any nudity. However, there is one really cool scene where a woman is trapped in a room with dozens of large snakes and rats. The
murderer's stalk and stab scenes are effective too. A tame film by today's standards, it's still an entertaining "who-done-it" worth checking out.