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Directed by Jim Wynorski
Cast - Kelli Maroney, Tony O'Dell, Karrie Emerson, Russell Todd, Nick Segal, Barbara Crampton, John Terlesky, Suzee Slater, Dick Miller

  A large multi-level shopping mall has just introduced a new after hours security system. The Series 101 Protector robots, are ready to start patrolling the corridors. These robots are armed to apprehend trespassers and burglars. The night these robots are ready to go on-line, lightning strikes a power line, and the robots become activated and lethal. That same evening, A group of young mall employees decide to have an after hours party in one of the stores. This sets the stage for a no escape
scenario between them and the robots, as these mechanical fiends have already murdered their control room overseers.
  Here's a decent low budget horror film, from Jim Wynorski. After the robots brutally slaughter a few of the cast, the survivors get mean and fight back. Imagine how much fun it would be to break in a weapons shop and pick out the firearms of your choice? Too bad it didn't carry rocket launchers or hand grenades, because bullets have little effect on the robots. The special effects are OK, the robots are rather small, but  the added effect of being able to shoot lasers, made them much more menacing. In the cheap thrills department, there is a little gore, including an awesome laser blasted head scene. Thanks to Barbara Crampton and Suzee Slater, there is also a few nice topless scenes. The story is evenly paced and a lot of fun. Recommended viewing for all horror fans.