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Directed by Paul Nicholas
Cast - Sybil Danning, Anthony Fanciosa, Isabelle Mejias, Paul Hubbard, Cindy Girling, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Michael Tregor

  This Canadian/German co-production is about a young girl named Julie, who has a psychotic obsession with her father. Harold Wilding (Franciosa) has a problem with his wife and daughter. Young Julie seems to be quite content with playing with her pet snake, and going hunting with her dad. After a family confrontation which leads to her parents agreeing to send her to boarding school, Julie vows revenge against her mother. Days later, a grocery delivery guy beats and rapes her mother, and Julie pulls a fast one by not stopping it (even though she's armed with a rifle). Her mother dies and the killer gets away. Sometime later, Harold marries lovely Susan (Danning) and it becomes obvious that Julie wants daddy all to herself. The little pscho-brat fantasizes about having sex with her father and plots to get rid of his new wife.

  This film turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It's a well made psycho thriller with some interesting characters and a decent story. Isabelle Mejias does a fine job as the wicked little Julie, who will go to great lengths to have things her way. Sybil Danning gets to play a respectable role as the new family member who's wise to Julie's obsession. The ending was perfectly
executed and really made the whole film worthwhile. As for cheap thrills, there is some nudity including Danning and a few murders to amuse you. This isn't a gory film, but that doesn't keep it from being entertaining. Highly recommended for those of us into murder mysteries and fans of actress Sybil Danning (this really is one of her best films)

-T. Luster