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Directed by Frank Martin
Cast - Ian McCulloch,Alexandra Cole,Donald O'Brien,Sherry Buchanan
(Paragon video release reviewed)
If you're looking for a well acted film, with high production values, ample character developement, and an intelligent script.....why are you here? The title alone should be a good indication that you're not going to see a big budget Hollywood production. What we have here is a gory, exploitavive Italian made horror film that's become a cult classic. Dr Butcher M.D. is about the investigation of an island tribe that's practicing cannibalism, and the hidden secret of that island. A series of bizzare corpse mutilations in New York city inspire a detective and a doctor (McCulloch & Cole) to investigate to orgins of these cannibals.
Most of this film takes place on an island where Dr.Butcher (O'Brien) is re-animating dead corpses into zombies. He's also responsible for re-introducing cannibalism to the island's natives. The primary reason this film is so enjoyable, it's unrestained use of violent action sences, impressive low budget gore effects and several nice shots of Alexandra Cole's naked body. Some of the film's dialogue is hilarious. While operating on a screaming female captive, Dr.Butcher speaks into a tape recorder and says "Doctor annoyed! patient's vocal cords removed." Having the main characters do battle with cannibals *and* zombies is unique. It's fun watching a zombie getting it's head splattered with an outboard motor. Highly enjoyable trash!