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 (La Noche del Ejecutor)
 Spanish language version reviewed
 Director Jacinto Molina
 Cast - Paul Naschy, Manuel Zarzo, Paloma Cela, Angela Bravo, Luciana Wolf
  If you don't mind watching a good low budget action film, in Spanish with no subtitles, check this one out. Naschy is out on the town with his wife and daughter. They're followed home by a gang of punks who proceed to break in. Naschy is tied up and the punks cut off his tongue. Meanwhile, they rape and kill his wife and daughter. Days later, and fed up with the lack of help from the police, Naschy plots his revenge. He starts training like he's been cast for a "Rocky" film. He also begins practicing with hand guns and becomes an expert at throwing knives! Having been able to acquire information on these punks, from a brothel's madam, he starts hunting the criminals down. Armed to the teeth with a variety of sidearms and knives, the trench coat clad avenger takes on the gang.

  Despite the fact I did not understand much dialogue, this was a good film. This is basically Paul Naschy's version of "Death Wish". The gang of punks continue their violent spree, throughout the film. After killing Naschy's family, they go on to rape another woman, castrate a guy, and kill some Arabian guys in a drug deal. There's also a mysterious figure whom the punks are taking orders from. Naschy is getting on in years, and this role was ideal for him. In the cheap thrills department, there's plenty of bloody violence and several nude scenes. You don't have long to wait for action scenes, with the punks committing crimes and Naschy alternately taking them out. I'm sure a subtitled version or and English dubbed version will become available someday. For now though, this Spanish import will due, as this is a decent crime flick. Recommended for fans of European cinema.